Studio Process

See sculptor Jonathan Prince and his studio assistants create massive yet intricately surfaced sculptures in a variety of media: CorTen and Stainless Steel, Marble, and Granite. 


Jonathan Prince Applying Transparent Color to Basin

Southern Remnant with JP Studio Crew

Torus 340 in Fabrication

Torus 340 in Fabrication

Ruptured Column After Anodizing

Forming Stainless Steel on Hydraulic Press

G2V - Oxidizing the Sculpture Surface

Polishing Vertical Ingot

Shaping White Marble

Bore Block in Fabrication

Studio Gallery

Studio Gallery

Polishing Vertical Ingot

Carving Marrow in Black Granite

Anodizing Wave Block

Polishing Pixel Block Elements

Assembly of Pixel Block

Polishing Slice I

Elements for Pixel Block

Elements for Pixel Block

Prepping Steep for Rolling

Sand Blasting Southern Remnant

Circular and One Foot Stack

Sea Glass prior to Coloring

Polishing New Growth

Fissure Fabrication

Basin (16") in Fabrication

Alembic Cube in Fabrication at Jonathan Prince Studio