Jonathan Prince Installs Monumental Work at Brigham and Women's Hospital


Jonathan Prince Studio is thrilled to announce the installation of a permanent sculpture at the newly completed research center for Brigham’s and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Mass. A project administered by Cynthia-Reeves, Prince’s work was the top pick of the hospital’s board and donors, capping a year’s long search for an artwork to be sited in the center’s adjacent green space. The site required an uplifting, thoughtful, and timeless work – adjectives that aptly describe Prince’s piece, Disc Fragment, which is made of CorTen and stainless steel.  The sculpture is part of the artist’s Torn Steel series, which was last seen at solo exhibitions at the 590 Madison Avenue Sculpture Garden and at Christie’s Sculpture Plaza at 535 Madison Avenue in New York City.

Disc Fragment installed at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston

Jonathan Prince's sculptures are formally concerned with exposing the latent power of stone or steel through large-scale, universally iconic forms. Ellipses, spheres, and cubes are intentionally interrupted by the artist's hand. One writer comments: "While Plato considered the objects of sensuous reality to be mere 'shadows' and saw perfection only in geometric forms apprehended by the intellect, Prince prefers a marriage of form and accident, the one complementing the other. And in this union - to borrow from Yeats -- a 'terrible beauty is born.' (Dorothy Joiner, Sculpture Magazine, August 2012)

Cynthia-Reeves represents an international roster of established artists who share a process-apparent sensibility in their art. The gallery is committed to artwork that demonstrates an authentic voice, an innovative use of materials and an appreciation of the mark in diverse media: site-based installation, video, sculpture, painting and works on paper. A sub-text to the gallery's program is artwork that celebrates the convergence of art and science, as well as a relationship to the natural world - a discourse essential to the examination of contemporary art and culture within the context of these broader challenges.