New Sculpture: Bump Block


Jonathan Prince is pleased to share a new work entitled Bump Block for the ongoing series Liquid State

Bump Block

Mirror Polished Bronze
12 x 12 x 12 inches | 30.5 x 30.5 x 30.5 cm
Edition of 3 plus 2 AP

Bump Block reflects the progression of an idea conceived within the digital domain with it’s physical realization  executed via a combination of the most advanced and ancient techniques of object creation.

I investigated the idea of creating the work with a fully digital processes before deciding that the look and feel I envisioned for the piece could only be accomplished by a combination of techniques and hundreds of hours of finishing handwork. 

The concept was first rendered using 3-D modeling software; the initial build of the sculpture was completed in resin using SLA rapid prototype / 3D printing ; and then the traditional lost wax techniques to mould and cast the form were utilized in the completion of this silicon bronze sculpture.

My desire in making Bump Block was to create a surface that I imagine to be a block of liquid metal - loosely holding its shape in a weightless environment - as if you took a cubical container of liquid with six removable sides in space and carefully removed each side leaving just the weightless liquid, the remaining form might resemble Bump Block.

This sculpture is another example of a solid object that appears to have all the surface characteristics of a liquid with the effect of movement / vibration as light and ambient reflections flicker over its surface.