Cauldron for Liquid State


The word Cauldron may be used in different ways, but the meaning that is most appropriate for and representative of this sculpture for the Liquid State series is: 'a state or situation of great distress.' 

Like many of my works, Cauldron oscillates in a state of duality: order and chaos, interior and exterior, dark and light, hidden and revealed. Cauldron's undulating inner surface pushes the fabrication of stainless steel to its limits. The result of this audacious task beckons the qualities of boiling liquid, of crashing waves in a violent storm, of mercury contained within a perfectly formed geometric vessel.

I continually aim to reveal and make sense of the paradoxical characteristics of nature, and it is the lack of resolution that imbues my work with meaning, for it challenges concepts of beauty and reveals hidden value within the breaks of convention and expectation. 

High Chromium Stainless Steel
30 x 30 x 30 inches