Exhibition at West Branch Gallery and Sculpture Park

Several sculptures by Jonathan Prince are featured in the current exhibition Subtle, Not Subtle: Evocative Nuance at West Branch Gallery and Sculpture Park in Stowe, Vermont. 

Subtle, Not Subtle: Evocative Nuance

February 14 – June 3, 2015 in the North Gallery
Reception: February 28, 2015, 6-8:30PM

“Subtle, Not Subtle: Evocative Nuance” focuses on the delicate complexity of artwork by Marc Civitarese, Janis Pozzi-Johnson, Jonathan Prince, and Helen Shulman.

“Subtle, Not Subtle” focuses on four artists whose work displays a delicate complexity that is easily overlooked by the casual viewer. Marc Civitarese abstracts the elements of realism–shape, form, and light–as a way of showing an introspective exploration of mankind, nature, and spirituality. Janis Pozzi-Johnson paints emotional, earthy tones in thick wax layers to form viscous color fields “as a visual metaphor for the often ineffable experiences of the human heart.” Working in oil and cold wax, Helen Schulman crafts paintings that engage the viewer in a quiet conversation about color and surface texture. These loose, gestural, and expressive paintings contain an undercurrent of spirituality and strong emotional overtones. Jonathan Prince’s steel sculptures contain some element that is torn or broken. These infractions are gloriously polished to reveal the tension of imperfection. Together, these artists invite the viewer to join them in the act of contemplation and to explore nuance and subtlety in artwork. These artists reward the viewer with a powerful experience; emotional earthquakes that are anything but subtle.

The exhibition is part of West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park’s expanded exhibition program in 2015. The new program features a series of exhibitions that allow for a deeper reflection and interpretation of gallery artists and sculptors. “Subtle, Not Subtle” is curated by Ric Kasini Kadour and West Branch partner Tari Swenson.