Ruptured Column Inspired by Frida Kahlo


Ruptured Column is part of an ongoing series entitled Torn Steel and represents work that is engaged with the exploration of industrial processes and its application to art making. This piece in particular is fabricated with aircraft grade aluminum, and the form has been turned on a lathe utilizing a CNC (computer numeric control) machine, the surface of which was hardened at a commercial anodizing plant. 

Although these industrial steps play an integral role in the 'machine esthetic' of the sculpture, Ruptured Column represents hours of hand-work in the interfaces between each of the sculpture's five segments. Perhaps the most crucial aspect of this work is the idea that it was inspired and pays homage to the masterpiece The Broken Column (1944) by Frida Kahlo; in other words, Ruptured Column is a modern industrial impression and fabrication, yet is based upon a classic work of art. 

Ruptured Column from the series Torn Steel

The Broken Column, Frida Kahlo (1944)

Click through the process slideshow to see Ruptured Column take shape: