Unearthing Southern Remnant


Jonathan Prince is drawn to artifacts and their power to mediate between history and contemporary culture. In viewing South, one of four geometric sculptures entitled North East South West (1981) by sculptor Michael Heizer, Prince felt as though he had come face to face with an unearthed, ancient relic. Heizer's tribal-like cone is able to communicate a sense of antiquity with that of the modern, and Prince has imbued this same essence into his monumental sculpture Southern Remnant, inspired by Heizer's South

South (1983), Michael Heizer

Prince's Southern Remnant is a part of the Liquid State series, which explores an extended conversation around geometric forms morphed and softened through the applied will of the artist. Fabricated by hand in heavy gauge stainless and CorTen steel, Prince's objective is to form the assumed geometric line into a new shape where only the barest vestiges of geometry remain. This also creates a new order of light reflections and thus an entirely different relationship between sculpture and environment. The form is no longer dormant as it has a dynamic dialog with light and space.

Southern Remnant Southern Remnant
CorTn and High-Chromium Stainless Steel
5 x 11 x 5 feet | 152 x 335 x 152 cm

Pictured at Christie's Sculpture Garden, New York, NY

See Southern Remnant take shape during the fabrication process: