Jonathan Prince Presents 'Torn Steel'


Jonathan Prince Presents Torn Steel, Featured in Whitewall Magazine 

Champagne in hand, sculptor Jonathan Prince guides an intimate tour through his tranquil home gallery space, elucidating the evolution of his work over the past eight years. Working in mediums of wood,stone and metal,Prince'sdynamic geometric sculptures draw inspiration from his background in science, natural history, and optics. Each piece - large or small - begs the viewer to step closer and interact.

At his Berkshire-based studio, Prince  and his assistants prepare for his upooming installation, "Torn Steel," at the 590 Madison Avenue Atrium on September 15, 2011. These large-scale sculptures examine the boundaries of metaland the juxtapositionof surfaces.By creating breaks in the distressed facade of geometric pieces,which are then plated in a silver leaf patina,Prince develops a oounterpoint between our pre-existing understanding of the shape and his unexpected alterations. The rusted surfaces rupture to reveal a tumultuous, gleaming interior, creating the sensation of an ongoing evolution.

Torus 340 / View at IBM Atrium, 590 Madison Avenue New York, NY

Prince began his career as a sculptorjust eight years ago, although he has been experimenting since his high school days when he worked at a New York City foundry. While his early work oonsisted primarily of stone, particularly black granite, his upooming installation is almost exclusively in metal. Steel,Prince explains,provides greater flexibility to experiment withvolume.

Sponsored by Cynthia-Reeves, "Torn Steel" is part of the gallery's ongoing initiative to curate off-site exhibitions.This installation will be open to the public from September 15 through October 18, 20011, from 8 am to 1O pm,at 590 Madison Avenue at 57th Street.

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